Geo Eng Rus

Wine and the Vine: The Archaeological and Chemical Hunt for the Origins of Viniculture

On September 30, the Georgian National Museum, the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Wine History Foundation will present Professor Patrick McGovern's lecture (University of Pennsylvania, USA) ‘Wine and the Vine: The Archaeological and Chemical Hunt for the Origins of Viniculture’.

Professor of Anthropology, Patrick McGovern is the leader of the scientific program of the Applied Science Center for Archaeology at the University of Pennsylvania Museum.

Patrick McGovern is the author and editor of eight anthropological and archaeological books. He has pioneered the emerging field of Molecular Archaeology. His monograph ‘Ancient Wine: The Search for the Origins of Viniculture’ is the main fundamental work for the researchers of wine history. During the scientific work Patrick McGovern created and developed many innovative academic programs in archeology.

He has studied the emergence of earliest wine varieties and carried out historical and chemical studies of their development stages for two decades. He led the molecular-biological research of the earliest wine and prehistoric Chinese fermented beverages.

Under his leadership, the most important expeditions have been carried out in the Near East, Europe and Central Asian countries. McGovern has read lectures in world famous museums and universities: Vienna, Barcelona, London, Berlin, Beijing, Oslo, Stockholm, etc. His primary task is to create a Biomolecular Archaeology Research Centre for Wine and World Cuisine of international level.