Geo Eng Rus

Professor of the University of Pennsylvania in Georgia

Under the aegis of the Wine History Foundation Professor of Anthropology of the University of Pennsylvania - Patrick McGovern visited Georgia from September 29 to October 3. He delivered a lecture on September 30 at the National Museum of Georgia - ‘Wine and the Vine: The Archaeological and Chemical Hunt for the Origins of Viniculture’.

The Wine History Foundation will further assist with organizing the meetings of foreign specialists with Georgian researchers. It is also planning consultations with wine companies, and organization of wine competitions, conferences, seminars and discussions. In addition to promoting viticulture, the Wine History Foundation will significantly contribute to scientific research, including archaeological work.

A press conference was held on September 30, which was led by Professor Patrick McGovern, David Lortkipanidze, Director of the Georgian National Museum, and Jemal Inaishvil, President of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce.