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Wine History Foundation

About Us

“The Wine History Foundation – Georgia, the Cradle of wine" has been established by the initiative of Jemal Inaishvili and David Lortkipanidze.

The aim of the foundation is to promote research on wine history, to represent Georgia as the oldest winemaking country, to promote the Georgian culture, including: winemaking, as well as to contribute to the enhancement of the culture of wine production and consumption.

The Wine History Foundation plans and conducts wine competitions, conferences, seminars and discussions about wine production and history. Information and methodological materials are published with the support and organization of the Wine History Foundation.

The Foundation will establish links with other organizations with similar objectives both inside and outside the country.

Any legal or physical person can be a member of the Wine History Foundation. There will be a Club of Georgian Wine Amateurs at the foundation, which will regularly conduct meetings to discuss winemaking issues. Wine-tasting and cultural events will be organized both in Georgia and abroad.